Military Power Comparison


Military Power

In today's world where technology is booming, every nation is becoming more and more powerful day by day in every field. One's supremacy can be altered very easily if they have the most powerful thing that can attack and defend both at the same time. The Military, also called as The Armed Forces, is something which every nation is trying to strengthen. The main purpose of any military is to defend the state and its citizens and also attack enemies in case of emergency. Competition is taking its new heights when it is a subject of military power. But how can someone decide which nation is powerful? This notion can only be solved by doing military power comparison. Here, one can easily compare military power of different nations such as Russia, India, USA etc. Military power comparison will actually help you to decide which nation has the most powerful battalion in terms of firepower, the arsenals and much more.

Types of Military

There are many ways in which one can serve the country in military, but to narrow down there are basically five types of military branches viz:

  • The Army: Recognized as one of the oldest branch in military. The purpose of any army is to ensure national protection and security, defeat of enemy troops.
  • Marine Corps: These units work closely with the naval force and is often first in combat situation on the ground.
  • The Navy: The Navy protects the national interest overseas and helps the country in naval warfare operations.
  • Air Force: This force protects the citizens by means of air borne factors- home and abroad.
  • Coast Guard: Coast guard is another form of maritime service with a purpose to protect the public and its resources on lake, ocean or any international waters or coasts.

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